Thursday, 6 September 2012

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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Decking Time Of Year

Well the sun streaming through the open window, birds chirping in the trees; i guess spring
has defiantly sprung.
 And this is confirmed by the first job booked for Decking, granted it is only a little strip
just as a path alongside a house, but its decking non the less.
Will be happening in a couple of weeks not immediately, but people are thinking about the
exterior living space now. With any luck it will be a nice summer, and very busy ;)

So For Decking  in Colchester and North Essex Call J.D.P Property Maintenance 

Friday, 16 March 2012

Decking in a private Garden

Here are some pictures from a decking job we did in a private garden in colchester.

We had to put he decking over existing slabs, firstly the mambrane went down.
 First we recessed the end plates of the decking for the joists to sit in at the
top and had mini joist hangers for the bottom to rest in.
With two supports and noggins on every joist to ensure there 
wasnt any movement in the decking

A nice usable area when it was finished just what the customer wanted.

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07538 123 326 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Decking in a public area, Aqua Springs Colchester  With the changing of the seasons the better weather on its way its time to start thinking of outside jobs.
In this blog you will be able to se construction of a large public decked area that we put up outside a
local sports center & spa.

There was just two of us working on the project and it took a three an a half weeks to construct from
 our first day on site untill the finished item opened to the public.

Although there were only two of us doing the work we did need a little help with materiels deliveries
as the lorries couldnr get to the working area.
 The posts were rather heavy 6" x 6" at 4m long so we did get help moving them to where we
needed them. The hydraulic arm on the lorry was at full capacity when lifting the bundle, as can be
seen in the picture there was a couple of them.

Once we had some materieals the real work began.
we had already put the post holes in ready wich had been a trial of their own, however harder work was to come!

 The pictures shown are about half of the ones i took during the construction, and to be honest they dont
really show the amount of work that went into the decking.
i think our shortest day was about 9 hours and the longest 16 hours, we clocked nearly 500 hours from
start to finish.
Definatly a job i will always remember with fondness. i wish we had one every summer.

more description will be added over time of the work will be added later.

Thanks for looking!

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